ProCush Flat Whip

ProCush Flat Whip : Flat Procush Whips
Flat Procush Whips
ProCush Flat Whip : Flat Rrocush whip
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The Procush Flat whip has been designed solely for flat racing.

* It has an 8 inch padded shock absorbing end which is shorter than that on the Procush NH whip

* The whip is designed to suit flat race jockeys as it has more flex than the NH whip.

* The stem measures 27 inches in total which leaves plenty of the attractive coloured vinyl on show. 

* Available in a wide choice of stem colours to suit and two different balances.  

* We offer a personalisation service to make your whip stand out.

* Please note that embroidered whips are not suitable for racing as the Jockey Club considers this as a modification.

Flat Procush Whip From: £41.95
Flat Procush Whip - Microchipped From: £46.95

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