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Shadow Body Protector Size Chart

How to Measure

Before ordering this back protector, please follow the steps below referring to the sizing table above.

  1. Size: Find your equivalent dress or age size from the table.
  2. Back length: This is the measurement of the back protector pad. When seated in the saddle, measure from the nape of your neck to approximately 7cm above the point of the saddle. This will confirm the back length is suitable and will not interfere with the saddle when riding.


Size Age Back Pad Length Back Pad Length
    Regular Tall
Medium 8-10 years 34cm 37cm
Large 10-12 years 34cm 37cm



Size UK EU USA Back Pad Length Back Pad Length
        Short Regular
XSmall 6-8 34-36 2-4 43cm 48cm
Small 8-10 36-38 4-6 43cm 48cm
Medium 10-12 38-40 6-8 43cm 48cm
Large 12-14 40-42 8-10   48cm
XLarge 14-16 42-44 10-12   48cm


Sizes of products may vary between manufacturers and even between different designs by the same manufacturer. The size charts should be used as a general guide.