Toggi Ottowa Boots

Toggi Ottowa Boots: Black Ottowa Toggi Boots
Black Ottowa Toggi Boots
Toggi Ottowa Boots: Brown Ottowa Toggi Boots
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The classically designed Ottowa handmade leather Jodhpur boot gives great comfort when wearing.

  • Featuring a full leather upper for breathability, and a cemented resin neolite sole unit, the Ottowa offers unbeatable performance. Elasticated side gusset and Toggi signature tab for style and ease of wear.
  • Colours: Black, Brown
  •  Leather Upper Jodhpur Boot
  •  Breathable PU Lining
  • Cemented Resin & Neolite Sole
  • Elasticated Gusset
  • Unisex sizes
  • Suitable for Riding, yard work, leisurewear.
Black Ottowa Toggi From: £35.95
Brown Ottowa Toggi From: £35.95

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