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The Team Treehouse Brand Ambassadors

We are so pleased to announce the Treehouse Team Ambassadors! We are looking forward to working with all of these riders and hope 2021 brings great things for them.

Our Team Treehouse riders are:

Niamh Reid @always.eventing

Abby Taylor @abby_eventing

Georgia Kind @georgiakingg_

Laura Bingham @laurabingham_eventing

Lydia Cooper @_equineighs

Lucy Richards @lucyrichie_

Beth Fewings @bf.eventing

Maisey Gubb @my.chestnut.ponies

Chloe Chan @chlobo_equestrian

Myrtle Scudamore @myrtlescudamore

Flo Carter @flocartereventing

Hannah Cooper @hannahcoopereq_

Lauren Rothwell @eventing_ella

Millie Toulson-Clarke @mtc_eventing