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Hannah Cooper

Team Treehouse Ambassador

Hi, my name is Hannah Cooper and I’m an aspiring event rider based in Worcestershire.

**January 2023**

During 2023 I plan to progress competitively through the levels of eventing and am currently on the lookout for a young horse to produce as a future addition to the team. It has been an absolute honour to represent Treehouse for the past two years and the ponies and I really look forwards to continuing as brand ambassadors throughout 2023.

**January 2022**

2021 wasn’t the most positive year for us with both horses out of action but I’m looking forwards to making up for it in 2022 with plans to event Dora throughout the season! We’re aiming to compete in the Cotswold Cup eventing series as well as hopefully some SEG’s and maybe some BE’s depending on how the season goes! We’re also hoping to qualify for the Pony Club Spring Festival and to jump for my pony club at Gatcombe in the summer! I’m also hopeful that Caramel will be fit and healthy again by the Spring and that I’ll be able to take him to a few unaffiliated events and potentially hunt him later this year! I’m so excited to continue the 2022 season as a brand ambassador for Treehouse!

**January 2021**

I’m currently lucky enough to ride and compete my two horses Pixel and Caramel. My goals for 2021 are to move up the levels in dressage with Pixel and to hopefully have completed our first elementary by the end of the year. As well as this, I aim to train and compete Caramel in showjumping and one day events throughout the year, stepping up the heights as we progress through 2021. My long term goal is to buy and produce an event horse to teach me the ropes of affiliated eventing in the near future!