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Flo Carter

Team Treehouse Ambassador

I’m Flo, a 19 year old Eventer from Buckinghamshire currently competing up to BE Novice/2*. I have 4 horses at the moment, ranging from a 4 year old, all the way up to my two Top Eventers. I’m currently on a second (!) gap year, before heading to Loughborough University to study History in September 2021, and hoping to continue my passion for Eventing up there too. Alongside riding competitively, I run the social media platforms @flocartereventing where I share my journey with 4 very different horses on Instagram, and vlog my horsey adventures on YouTube. 

This is the main man is Atty. He’s a 13 year old Irish Sports Horse. We’ve been together for 3 years now and every season I am more and more excited about him! Originally bought to help me get some consistency at BE100, Atty has just been incredible - taking me around my first BE Novice, entering my first 2* with him and qualifying for Pony Club Eventing Championships 2 years on the trot. He’s a cross-country machine and certainly well-loved on social media for his striking colour and funny personality! 

Star is the second of my more ‘serious’ eventers. He’s a 9 year old Irish Sports Horse and we’ve been together just over a year now. Star has talent pouring out of him, he helped me achieve my first ever Double Clear at BE Novice, and jumped 5/6 British Eventing Double Clears in the 2020 season - so you can’t knock him for his consistency! He can be, however, a sensitive ride and our journey together, like many, can be ups and downs, all of which we share online to show the reality of owning horses - once we crack the dressage he’ll be seriously competitive and I’m excited to share the journey with you! 

Our goals for 2021 include:
•Picking up some Top 10 placings at BE Novice
•Completing a 2* (our first was abandoned after the dressage phase!)
•Attending both the PC 110 Championships at Gatcombe Park and the Under 21 2* at Bishops Burton 
•Continuing to share my journey (highs and lows) on social media!