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Bostock Safety Stirrup
Bostock Safety Stirrup
Bostock Safety Stirrup
Bostock Safety Stirrup
Bostock Safety Stirrup
Bostock Safety Stirrup
Bostock Safety Stirrup
Bostock Safety Stirrup
Bostock Safety Stirrup
Bostock Safety Stirrup
Bostock Safety Stirrup
Bostock Safety Stirrup
Child Safety Stirrups

Junior Bostock Stirrup

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Product description

We believe that this is the first ever complete breakaway stirrup designed which can be used across all disciplines.

  • Revolutionary Award winning Australian design available in adult and child sizes in a variety of colours
  • The Bostock Safety Stirrup has been tested for over 7 years before coming to market. Permitted for use in British Eventing. 
  • Designed so that when there is a shift in the riders weight, and the rider passes through a point of no return the bottom part of the stirrup comes away from the top, thus hugely reducing the possibility to be dragged.  The outer part stays attached to the stirrup leather and the saddle and in the inner part releases with the foot.  (A normal fall should not mean that it breaks apart).
  • Simple system to reassemble - click the two parts back together making sure the arrows line up.
  • Available in Black, White and Blue colour detail with the option of adding high viz
  Adult Child
External Height   178mm 140mm
External Width  145mm 134mm
Internal Height 117mm 87mm
Internal Width     116mm 105mm
Footplate Width  75mm 50mm
Stirrup Weight 202gms 126gms
Riders Minimum Weight  30kg (4.7 st)  19kg (3st)
Riders Maximum Weight   110kg (17.3st) 50kg (7.8st)


Tina Wallace


The New Bostock Safety Stirrups are absolutely devine I am really chuffed with them.  They are super lightweight yet provide perfect balance and support, they certainly put my mind at ease knowing if.... (well more like WHEN) we have a "Jackass" moment we.... actually "I" will be safe.  There's been a few..... I mean who else is more petrified of the dressage phase than the SJ/XC.... 🙈 😂  For those of you that haven't seen the videos there have been numerous "leave the arena moments" and the odd time where we have both hit the deck. So I am ever so grateful for having the opportunity to try these out. I had been thinking of getting another pair of freejumps as mine are blue therefore not dressage legal!! So these came at exactly the right time, just 2 days prior to finding out they were on their way to me we had a pretty drastic bronc and charge across the school moment and as I had my Woof Wear Riding Wellies on (which are slightly wider than my competition riding boots) and my Devoucoux Stirrups which are plastic and not overly wide... (must add I absolutely love my WW Wellies and ride In them all the time in my jump saddle/freejumps!)  I must admit I freaked a little.... rather than hold on for dear life the first thing I did was remove my feet from Stirrups and attempt to brace myself and bounce about like a rag doll without Stirrups. As in my head this was safer than keep feet in and risk getting stuck as he's been known to drop a shoulder and change direction at a zillion miles per hour!! Anyway enough of that..... you only need to watch the videos to see what I mean!!  I am super grateful to Bostock, Equine Hour and Treehouse Sporting Colours for sending me these... they are quite possibly a life saving invention!  I strongly believe that everyone should have Safety Stirrups on every saddle they own.... life is precious, freak accidents can happen even on the most sanest of horses.  These however are not just safety stirrups they are innovative, stylish, lightweight and superb value for money.