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Katherine Kirby

Team Treehouse Brand Ambassador
Katherine and her rising 6 year old at his first British Dressage show qualifying for the petplan area festivals.

**January 2023**

We had a great year in 2022, ticking off many of our goals and I’m excited to hopefully do more of that in 2023. With Newports Rebbel (Ruffles), I am aiming to qualify for the petplans, associated championships and Under 25s at medium level and would absolutely love to ride an advanced medium on him by the end of the year!
With Misty Morning X (Milo), I’m mainly hoping to develop his confidence and show him more of the world this year but I’d like to do the novice at the petplan and associated championships and see how we’re getting on, perhaps doing the Under 25s and maybe doing some elementaries. 
I’m very excited to have the continued support of Treehouse on our journey this year. 

**January 2022**

This year I’m aiming to compete at Elementary at the summer petplan championships and Sheepgate U25s, as well as stepping up to medium. I’d also like to take my rising 6 year old to the petplans if he feels confident and ready and possibly to Sheepgate and the associated championships too but he’s very anxious and sensitive so it’s all a work in progress! I’m also finishing my time at Hartpury college and look forward to the opportunities that might be waiting when I leave.

**January 2021**

I’m Katherine and I’m a 18 year old dressage rider and equine student, last year I competed up to elementary level at BD and attended the Sheepgate U25s Championships and Petplan Summer championships at novice placing in the top 10 in both and being the highest placed pony in the novice final at Sheepgate.