Green Composite Senior Stirrup

Green Composite Senior Stirrup: Navy/Black/Black
Green Composite Senior Stirrup: Red/Black/Black Green Composite Senior Stirrup: Black/Black/Black Green Composite Senior Stirrup: Dark Grey/Grey/Black Green Composite Senior Stirrup: Blue/Grey/Blue Green Composite Senior Stirrup: Orange/Grey/Orange Green Composite Senior Stirrup: Black/Grey/Yellow Green Composite Senior Stirrup: Navy/Grey/Pink
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The Flex-on concept is to reduce joint fatigue and give the rider a shock absorbing stirrup and greater comfort for their joints.

  • Designed from an organically sourced polyamide material,
  • They can be cleaned with water and is therefore easier to maintain. They are  aimed at a wide range of riders.
  • While providing improved technical performance in terms of shock absorption and ergonomics (a specific feature of Flex-on), it still has a steel frame to reinforce the plastic part.
  • The Green Composite stirrup offers a recognised quality at a competitive price. Made in France.
  • Many choices available - listed colours are the most popular with ultra grip treads- the description is frame colour, tread colour and elastomer colour. ALSO see the bottom option to design your own stirrup. (We carry a good stock but please allow approx 2 wks to make up if not in stock).
  • 1st choose the Colour of the Frame; Light grey, Dark grey, Black, Brown, Brown, Red, Orange, Blue or Navy.
  • 2nd choose the Colour and Type of Footplate; Grey, White or Black and Mixed, Inclined or Flat. The most popular is Inclined.
  • 3rd choose the Grip Choice; Grip or Ultra Grip. The most popular is Ultra Grip.
  • 4th choose the Colour of the Elastomers (these are shock absorbers under the footplate); black, white, pink, plum, grey, red, green, purple, brown, dark blue, light blue, yellow, orange.
  • 5th choose a bespoke Flag Magnetic Stickers at an extra cost or leave this variant and they will come with the Standard stickers which are black with the <<on>> in the same colour as the elastomers.  (If you would like another magnetic sticker from the pdf picture please put in comments box at end of order).
Black/Black/Black From: £169.00
Blue/Grey/Blue From: £169.00
Dark Grey/Grey/Black From: £169.00
Orange/Grey/Orange From: £169.00
Navy/Black/Black From: £169.00
Red/Black/Black From: £169.00
Design your own Flex-on Green Composite Stirrups From: £169.00

All prices shown include VAT where applicable.

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