Fly Mask Full Face with Ears

Fly Mask Full Face with Ears: Flymask:Full face & Ears
Flymask:Full face & Ears
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A fine mesh fly veil complete with air stream fabric ears, and nose extension for excellent protection against small flies and midges.

  • The ergonomic shaping and fleece padding along the seams keeps the fly mask away from the eyes and reduces gaps.
  • Adjustable touch close safety straps allow for a snug fit. 
  • The mesh over the eyes (and nose) provides 50% UV protection, helping to diminish the risk of sun burn and sun bleaching. (However, effectiveness may diminish over time).
  • Test carried out in accordance to BS EN 13758-1-2002+A1:2006.
  • Please note colour of fly mask may vary slightly to website image. Shires Code 6665
Flymask:Full Face & Ears From: £17.50

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