Mycrocam UHWK Riding Camera

Mycrocam UHWK Riding Camera: The UHWK Mycrocam Camera
The UHWK Mycrocam Camera
Mycrocam UHWK Riding Camera: 4 in 1 Flash Drive to connect camera to phone, table to watch your footage. Mycrocam UHWK Riding Camera: 32Gb SD card for longer recording time. Mycrocam UHWK Riding Camera: The Powerbank to recharge your camera whilst out and about
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Sorry  - the Mycrocam is temporarily out of stock at the moment but we have accessories in stock still!

The Mycrocam UHWK Horse Riding Helmet Camera is ultra lightweight and weighs less than one ounce (28 grams!).

  • Full 1080 HD video quality and audio action / safety camera.
  • Long battery life of 1hr 50 mins continual recording.
  • Mounts to the helmet discretely and safely, via elasticated secure velcro straps not studs.
  • The camera kit includes all required accessories needed to use in all equestrian and other sporting activities where helmets are worn.  Excellent to wear whilst riding on the road for safety reasons.
  • Includes 8Gb Micro SD card but if you require a longer recording time of up to 6 hours you can buy a 32Gb card below. (The SD cards we provide are fully tested and work 100% with the UHWK).
  • One touch operation for ease of use in the saddle.
  • Mounted on the front for full 150 degree range of vision.
  • 12 month warranty for peace of mind. 

Accessories Available :

32Gb Card for longer recording time up to 6 hours.

4 in 1 Flash Drive lets you watch, save and share your video footage by using your mobile phone or tablet. Insert the sd card into this device and place into your phone/tablet to see your action video. 

Powerbanks enable you to recharge your camera when you are out and about and can't be near a power source. Plug your UHWK camera into the powerbank and it will recharge. 2 sizes: 2600mah  will recharge your camera 3 times or the 3700 mah will recharge up to 6 times.

32Gb Micro SD Card From: £24.50
4 in 1 FlashDrive From: £15.50
Powerbank 2600 (3 x recharge) From: £14.50
Powerbank 3700 (6 x recharge) From: £24.50

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