Fleck Carbon Ultra Composite Dressage Whip

Fleck Carbon Ultra Composite Dressage Whip
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The Fleck Carbon Composite Dressage (code 03015) is taking the equestrian world by storm with its  unparalleled grip and ergonomic design.

  • Fleck have made whips for over 140 years and are used by Olympic riders worldwide including Charlotte Dujardin and Carl Hester.
  • The Carbon Composite Dressage whip allows a firm grip position to be maintained, where the leather popper is always in the correct position in relation to the horse.
  • The slim, tailored handle of the dressage whip offers scope for various handling, without allow the whip to slip.
  • Two sizes available: 110cm or 120cm.
  • Available in four colours: Black, Navy, Brown and Anthrocite Grey.
Carbon Composite Dressage Black From: £29.95
Carbon Composite Dressage Navy From: £29.95
Carbon Composite Dressage Brown From: £29.95
Carbon Composite Dressage Grey From: £29.95

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