Fleck Carbon Ultralight Jump Bat

Fleck Carbon Ultralight Jump Bat: Fleck Carbon Jump Bat (02009)
Fleck Carbon Jump Bat (02009)
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Fleck whips have been handmade in Germany for over 140 years and used by Olympic riders worldwide including Charlotte Dujardin and Carl Hester.

  • The Fleck Carbon Ultralight Jump bat (code02009) comes in 2 lengths: 50cm or 60cm.
  • The handle is a PU grip with a plastic cap.
  • Fleck's jumping bats are made with the best materials, precision workmanship and well matched design and meet the highest standards.
Carbon Ultralight Jump: Black From: £29.95
Carbon Ultralight Jump: Navy From: £29.95
Carbon Ultralight Jump: Brown From: £29.95
Carbon Ultralight Jump: Burgundy From: £29.95

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