Shepherds Breast Girth

Shepherds Breast Girth: Breast girth in red
Breast girth in red
Shepherds Breast Girth: Breast girths in royal blue, yellow, purple, black and green Shepherds Breast Girth: Micky Harris and Josephine Banks both using Shepherds breastgirths Shepherds Breast Girth: Breastgirth colours for Shepherds Breastgirths.
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Breastgirths are used to prevent the saddle from slipping back, and provide a handy neck strap. They are especially useful for racing, cross country, show jumping and general exercising.  We keep black in stock in pony, cob and full sizes for immediate despatch.

  • Made by Shepherds with a non slip padded back and webbing front with elastic ends.
  • Fully adjustable synthetic black leather girth straps and neck strap.
  • Available in pony, cob and full size in a selection of colours.
  • Made in the UK.
Shepherds Breastgirth From: £42.00

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