Heated Sports Gilet

Heated Sports Gilet : The Heated Gilet is ideal to wear for fishing.
The Heated Gilet is ideal to wear for fishing.
Heated Sports Gilet : The Heated Gilet by Blazewear. Heated Sports Gilet : The Heated Gilet/Waiscoat ideal for all different sports. Heated Sports Gilet : The Heated gilet/waistcoat brilliant on the motorbike! Heated Sports Gilet : The Heated Gilet perfect for golf too! Heated Sports Gilet : The gilet can be worn on its own or as a mid-layer.
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Revolutionary Heated Sports Gilet/ Waistcoat .  The removable battery park is fully rechargable and lasts from 2.5hours to 4 hours depending on heat seatings used. 

  • This gilet has heated areas in the front, chest and lower back. It is soft, flexible and emits heat evenly.
  • Three heat settings for a hand held temperature control.  The heating elements are durable, flexible, secure, stable and high strength.
  • It features a breathable outher.
  • It has a double zip for comfort when seated, eg riding. 
  • Supplied with a standard rechargeable battery pack , including charger.
  • The gilet is washable at 30 degrees (we recommend to hand wash the gilet and do not tumbledry). Please remove the battery pack etc before washing.
  • The heating element will not be damaged if you bend or twist it while in use. It has high heat transfer efficiency, low power consumption and low EMI (Electromagnetic Interference), and has far Infrared function.
  • The rechargeable battery set has no memory effect. It can be recharged more than 500 times without complete discharging and takes approximately 3 hours to charge with our standard charger.
  • The G6 gilet is available in black in sizes xs to xxxl. If you need to order the 3xl please order the 2xl and put a note in the comments section at the end of the order to request 3 xl - I am afraid it is not possible to select our online drop down box for this size!

Please make sure you read the instructions on the battery packaging before using your heated gilet.  Batteries will need to be charged for at least 8 hours before they are used for the first time. 


Heated Gilet in Black From: £75.00

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