Bespoke Saddlecloths

Bespoke Saddlecloths: Examples of saddlecloths with plain lettering
Examples of saddlecloths with plain lettering
Bespoke Saddlecloths: Black with cerise trim, single thickness saddlecloth with embroidered name Bespoke Saddlecloths: Alice Pearson with a bespoke design embroidered saddlecloth for Social Season Hatters Bespoke Saddlecloths: A saddlecloth with script lettering Bespoke Saddlecloths: Megan Abrahams & Morlena Caio with her embroidered Treehouse saddlecloth. Bespoke Saddlecloths: Saddlecloth in kingfisher with embroidery. Bespoke Saddlecloths: Sarah Paton in her orange and purple cotton drill shirt, saddlecloth and  RS2010. Bespoke Saddlecloths: Embroidery Script Alphabet Bespoke Saddlecloths: The Art Hotel Team Chase team with matching saddlecloths. Bespoke Saddlecloths: Saddlecloth with School Embroidery
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  • Cotton quilted saddlecloths, with fluffy wither pads. Choice of gp or close contact fit.
  • Available in most colours, with contrasting piping/edging.
  • Sizes Pony (21" from front to back along top) , Cob (22")  and Full (23").
  • Embroidery: Stars, spots or diamonds  £3.25 for 1 star, spot or diamond (one side) or £6.50 for both sides.
  • Embroidery: Names @ £9.95 per side or £3.50 per letter.
  • Choice of embroidery in plain font or script font. The script font can sometimes be difficult to read, please see image attached to check the letters required.
  • British Eventing Embroidery Rules: Logos and designs -artwork price on application.  Logos embroidered to BE specifications need to be within a 200cm squared area.  The size is similar to the silks jacket patch @ £32.50 per side.
  • Single thickness £25.95, Double thickness £39.50


GP Single thickness quilted From: £25.95
GP Double thickness quilted From: £39.50
Close Contact Single thickness From: £28.00 Contact us.
Close Contact Double thickness From: £42.00

All prices shown include VAT where applicable.

Treehouse makes every effort to ensure that specifications and product details are correct and have taken every care to ensure that the colours and photographs shown on this website give a true representation of the garments, though we cannot guarantee this in every case.