Event Shirt

Event Shirt: Eilidh Macaulay photo credit to Dave Cameron.
Eilidh Macaulay photo credit to Dave Cameron.
Event Shirt: Yellow and dark blue checked sleeves, hooped lycra cap and dark blue RS2010 Event Shirt: Laura-Paige Millard in a red and white RS2000 with shoulder pads and checked silk cap and checked sleeved ladies event shirt. Event Shirt: Red and dark blue with a halved body and striped sleeves Event Shirt: Black and white halved body with chevron sleeves Event Shirt: Dawn Shillingford in a light blue and white checked ladies event shirt and checked silk ca Event Shirt: Black with 3 white diamonds event shirt with a diamonds silk cap to match. Event Shirt: Dark blue event shirt with cerise large multi spots and silk cap with cerise spots pom. Event Shirt: Dark blue event shirt with light blue small multi spots and silk cap with light blue spots and pom. Event Shirt: Pink and dark blue halved body with diablo sleeves and quartered silk with pom. Event Shirt: Dark blue event shirt with dark blue and pink hooped sleeves and dark blue with pink hooped silk cap. Event Shirt: Light blue and dark blue halved body event shirt with stars on the sleeves and a dark blue with light blue multi stars cap. Event Shirt: Red and dark blue halved body event shirt with large multi spots on the sleeves, dark blue silk with red spots. Event Shirt: Light green ladies event shirt with cerise stars on sleeves, light green with cerise multi stars cap and pom. Event Shirt: Orange and black halved event shirt, with 3 diamonds on the sleeves and a quartered silk cap with pom. Event Shirt: Megan Abrahams in her ladies event shirt, lycra cap and embroidered saddlecloth from Treehouse. Event Shirt: Ottilie Bardsley in a light blue and red event shirt and silk showing large multi spots on the shirt. Event Shirt: Amelia Walker in a harlequine check lycra and event shirt. Event Shirt: Event shirt with multi stars - if you wish to order this, put the description in the comments box - describing the colours you like. Event Shirt: Timoney Orritt & Backley Rolo in dark blue and cerise checked colours. Event Shirt: Suzannah Nellis in a ladies event shirt, black and white checked. Event Shirt: Joseph Walters and his pony Sam looking very professional at a hunter trial. Event Shirt: Dark blue and pink with alternating multi stars Event Shirt: Dark blue with 3 cerise diamonds Event Shirt: Dark blue and light blue halved, with checked sleeves. Event Shirt: Red with navy and white sleeves with alternating stars Event Shirt: Abbey Rimmer in her bespoke xc colours with company logo Rostons on cap and shirt. Event Shirt: Hayley Care, Photo by Gemma Care Event Shirt: Harriet Smith in checked event shirt and small checked lycra cap. Event Shirt: Racesafe Event Shirt Designs
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Colour Chooser Sizes


Each shirt manufactured by Racesafe is individually designed and customised to individual taste.

  • Sport-tec fabric is 100% breathable and wicks moisture effectively away from the skin
  • Ladies fit shirts feature a tailored fit with a white stock collar 
  • Unisex shirts feature a less fitted cut and a more generous stock collar to the Ladies fit shirts
  • Full range of bespoke designs and colours and if matching with a hat cover please select silk or superior lycra for best colour match.
  • Can be worn under your show jacket so no need to change between phases. 
  • The body is available in either a plain colour or a halved colour design. If choosing a halved design please confirm the other body colour in the comments box at the end of the order
  • If you would like the sleeve colour to be alternating from the body colour please put this in the comments box at the end of the order.
  • Riders and sponsors names and logos can be printed at the nape of the neck or on the sleeves.  Please contact us to discuss your requirements.
Size(Actual Chest Size inches) Approx UK Ladies Size N/A to Unisex Shirts Price £ (vat applicable 34" above)
30" Approx UK Dress Size 4 £93
32" Approx UK Dress Size 6 £93
34" Approx UK Dress Size 8 £112
36" Approx UK Dress Size 10 £112
38" Approx UK Dress Size 12 £112
40" Approx UK Dress Size 14 £112
42" Approx UK Dress Size 16 £119
44" Approx UK Dress Size 18 £119
Ladies: Body Design Plain From: £93.00
Ladies: Body Design Halved From: £93.00
Unisex: Body Design Plain From: £93.00
Unisex: Body Design Halved From: £93.00

All prices shown include VAT where applicable.

Treehouse makes every effort to ensure that specifications and product details are correct and have taken every care to ensure that the colours and photographs shown on this website give a true representation of the garments, though we cannot guarantee this in every case.